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A leader is a dealer in hope and most importantly during crisis

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

How Leadership survives Covid-19 and sustains their business are a huge question mark for all industries. However, have we ever wondered, if this global outbreak of coronavirus is a leadership test for the leaders, did it played with the models and lessons that we all have been following for years, are we even doing what is best for our organization or worse, do we even KNOW what is best for our organization?!

In Avidity International, these are the topics that we have discussed in our programs that are based on leadership;

Topic 1: "COVID-19 was a Leadership Test for leaders of public and private organizations. Did the leadership lessons and model prevail?"

Real Conversation

This session of #RealConversation covered the subject of whether the leadership lessons and models prevailed during this crisis time, and if leaders are not acknowledging that their managers are not effective because they will be criticizing themselves otherwise? Two very compelling subjects that have led to fascinating responses which open up the participants to chip in their own two cents. This session even touched on the matter of trust and culture of an organization in which one of our speakers said: “There is no such thing as culture in an organization”. It definitely created an intense yet engaging vibe because how can one organization have no culture?

Furthermore, it was mentioned in the session that organizations should take Covid-19 as an opportunity to do better! The pandemic has given the chance to reset the button, and fix whatever mistakes and structures any organization has done before. How to do so? Do NOT take back what you have learned before Covid-19 and apply it again to the current situation. It does not work like that, what you may have learned through textbooks, seminars, and so on back in the days may not be applicable to now. This is an opportunity to reset. This is the time to right the wrong.

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