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Harness The Power Of Coaching In Your Organisation!

Researchers have claimed that coaching aids businesses in improving their competitive position, maximise benefits and minimise costs. It is proven that coaching not only increases the performance and activity but also the engagement of your people.

This is where our coaching speciality program comes in; the PEAC programme, People Empowered Through Applied Coaching. It is uniquely designed to help leaders translate the coaching approach into daily operational settings.

On a typical day at work, a leader is expected to run effective meetings, manage effective projects, give effective feedback, perform performance appraisal and ultimately improve the performance of team members. Our PEAC program is designed to supplement the leaders with specific approaches for them to meet those goals.

People managers who desire to empower their people and improve day to day operational productivity and performance through applied coaching can benefit from this program.

Click the link to watch our PEAC program video

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