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Updated: May 17

Coaching Approach Is Your Best Partner in Remote Working Environments

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused massive disruptions to business owners around the world.

Research done by The World Bank Group, on “Unmasking the Impact of Covid-19 on Businesses”, concluded that the severe impact has been recorded worldwide in terms of revenue losses, mass layoffs and liquidity.

Seeing the severity of the impact, leaders around the world need to be activated to react in agile and positive ways.

As of recent, many leaders lead their team members virtually and in a remote working environment.

Adopting a coaching approach that will create a “self-initiated” learning culture among team members on both their personal and professional growth would be a great first step in a remote working environment.

Leaders who use this coaching approach to lead must give their team members less answers and involve them in the solution building process instead.

This will broaden their creativity and innovative thinking. Leaders do not have to be the expert and be the only person who needs to come out with solutions anymore.

Your task is to activate and support them better — be their partner to co-create solutions.

In the end, you establishing the culture of “thinking for themselves” where employees become autonomous and accountable will allow you to empower them even more to be their best selves.

Without you realizing it, this coaching approach develops team members to take solution-driven leadership without you even planning for it.

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