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Online Learning Series

Avidity International Online Learning Series is designed exclusively for talents who wish to go beyond theoretical knowledge and gain practical hacks on how to thrive at the workplace as leaders and team members!


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The first series focuses on how to improve your working performance through Avidity International's signature expertise: Coaching. While face-to-face coaching is more prevalent, this session will change your perception on Coaching Remotely and how it is equally, if not more impactful.

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The second series; avidTeams Program will highlight how you can maintain your team's engagement and motivation, despite working remotely from each other, through fun online team building facilitation and activities!

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The third series focuses more on flourishing you, as a talent. The Mental Toughness Series will share practical hacks on how you can be tougher mentally, applied by elite athletics and successful entrepreneurs to stay strong despite adversity.

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Lastly, the fourth series; Living Life Invigorated Series talks about how to rediscover your passion, purpose and meaning in life to enhance your direction and energy in the journey of pursuing a better version of yourself. 

Don't miss this precious opportunity to explore these series to explore the journey to be a better, flourishing and invigorated you, in both professional and personal aspects of your life.

Connect with us to customise the program for your organisation!