In every generation, organizations become more successful when leaders are effective at managing tasks in operations; this is what we call Managerial Effectiveness. It is crucial for forward-looking organizations to not only keep abreast with traditional and fundamental tools like Mind Mapping, The Fishbone Diagram, The Brainstorming Approach and The 5 Why’s, it is also vital for managers today to equip themselves with contemporary managerial tools.

The Managerial Effectiveness (MAGE) Program will highlight some of the best practices based on new findings and approaches as the market, organizations and customer profiles have changed significantly. Participants will understand why there is a constant need to learn, unlearn and relearn.

The MAGE Program is unique in a way where it combines new models such as The START Model for project management, the RISKS Model for Goals Setting and the Heartstorm Model for Emotive-based Ideation processes.

At the end of the program, participants will enhance their ability to manage operations better and at the same time will be well-equipped with the best practices where emotional intelligence is infused into their leadership approaches.

On the Phone

Managerial Effectiveness (MAGE) Program


Who should attend

Leaders who desire to enhance their ability to manage operations better and be well-equipped with the best practices on emotional intelligence infused into their leadership approach.



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Learning Objective

To learn the importance of applying a balanced management approach using both cognitive and emotive to enhance workplace productivity.

To learn a contemporary goal-setting framework to improve personal productivity.

.        To learn and practice Strength-based Leadership by identifying your own team members’ strengths and resources for effective team management.

.        To learn a new idea generation methodology, Heartstorming, to complement Brainstorming.

To learn practical task delegation process and delegate the tasks to the best talent possible.