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Leadership Emotive Agility Program (LEAP)




The Leadership Emotion Agility (LEAP) Program is a specialty program that focuses on leadership effectiveness through leveraging on smart usage of emotions at the workplace. 

LEAP emphasizes not only the ‘what’ of emotional intelligence, but very specifically the ‘how-to’ approach to making emotional intelligence available in the workplace. 

LEAP is made practical through the concept of Leadership Emotive Agility, where it helps leaders understand, rather than having a particular set of emotive approaches, it aims to help leaders become agile and practical in many volatile environments that would involve managing emotive elements when dealing with people. 

LEAP also equips leaders with the awareness of infusing their cognitive ability with emotive perspectives in people management. When leaders are aware of how their people function, think and execute, they can then combine that with effective management of people’s emotive needs and goals. 

At the end of the day, LEAP desires to help leaders to become the enablers for the positive use of emotions in the workplace.

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Who should attend

Leaders who are agile and pragmatic when dealing with people and who want to support their team members in using their emotions positively at work.



Learning Objective

To learn the latest development behind Emotional Intelligence and how crucial it is to master it

To learn and understand the benefits of being Emotionally in touch with self and others in the workplace.

To learn how to assess your emotions using the concept of Leadership Emotive Agility. 

  To learn how to use cognitive and emotive perspectives in people management

To learn and reflect on an inspiring personal story of a Brain Tumor Survivor