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Groom Internal Coaches In Your Organisation


We believe that everyone can benefit from coaching, but more often than not, coaching is not always readily available for all.

Avidity aspires to provide a systemic approach towards cultivating homegrown internal coaches so that organisations can be self-sustaining when it comes to coaching and grooming their talents.

We strive to make coaching accessible for all levels, as we are a believer that coaching is a philosophy that transcends titles and hierarchy in the best environment.

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Coaching Readiness Assessment

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PEAC program, People Empowered Through Applied Coaching, is a 2 days program that is uniquely designed to help leaders translate the coaching approach into daily operational settings. This programme is different where it does not desire to make leaders become
actual coaches, but assist them in identifying practical operational scenarios, where the coaching techniques can be applied.

On a typical day at work, a leader is expected to run effective meetings, manage effective projects, give effective feedback, perform performance appraisal and ultimately improve performance of team members.
PEAC is designed to supplement the leaders with specific coaching approaches for them to meet those goals. PEAC has been lauded to be one of the most practical programmes that has significantly changed the effectiveness of people managers. Not only does it empower people, it inadvertently improves daily operations and to give birth to a more empowered corporate workforce.


Who should attend

People managers who desire to empower their people and improve day to day operational productivity and performance through applied coaching.



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Learn the difference between coaching the WHO vs coaching the HOW.

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