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People Empowered Through Applied Coaching (PEAC) 

The People Empowered Through Applied Coaching (PEAC™) Program is a program that is uniquely designed to help leaders translate the coaching approach into daily operational settings. This program is different where it does not desire to make leaders become actual coaches, but assist them in identifying practical operational scenarios, where the coaching techniques can be applied.

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Managerial Effectiveness 
(MAGE) Program

The Managerial Effectiveness (MAGE) Program will highlight some of the best practices based on new findings and approaches as the market, organizations and customer profiles have changed significantly. This program is unique in a way where it combines new models such as The START Model for project management, the RISKS Model for Goals Setting and the Heartstorm Model for Emotive-based Ideation processes.

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Customer-Focused and Relationship Effectiveness (CARE) Program

The Customer-Focused and Relationship Effectiveness (CARE) Program is a specialty program that helps the participants embrace a customer-centric relationship-building mindset. It allows participants to view themselves as service providers who prioritize providing excellent customer service before focusing on their products. Being an empathetic leader as well as aware of customer’s needs are the first steps to building trust and relationships with them.

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